th Fractional CO2 Laser for Scars


Fractional C02 Laser is the most widely used in terms of scar or non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments. It is safe, effective and only the problem area is treated, leaving healthy skin untouched. Ideal for certain types of acne scarring from moderate to severe. This type of treatment is being used in dermatology for many, many years now and remains the best option if done correctly by a certified dermatologist.



How does Fractional C02 Laser treat acne scars?

The laser device makes microscopic holes in the problem area up to the deeper layer of the skin. As the body heals, it creates new and healthy tissues to replace the ones that had gone through the treatment.

Is it safe?

It is safe for all skin types, even for those with a dark complexion. But if you are photosensitive, using medications, pregnant, undergoing chemotherapy or has difficulty in healing or bleeding disorders, you need to tell your doctor.

Is there any downtime?

As each patient has different scar type, skin type, and scar depth, recovery time will vary considerably but usually 5-7 days. The dermatologist will assess the condition and will discuss the possible downtime.


Novel Fractional CO2 for Acne Scars



 Novel clinic offers a variety of Facials for different skin problems such as acne, oiliness, irritated/inflamed skin, pigmentations or dark spots, rejuvenation and more. To maximize results, our doctors and aestheticians can recommend a treatment or combination treatments appropriate for you to achieve a healthy and glowing skin.




A deep cleansing facial uses vacuum, brush and light therapy. Both men and women can take advantage of a thoroughly cleansed skin. The procedures may vary in each clinic but the goal is almost always the same, to remove deep-seated dirt by exfoliation process and the use of deep cleansing non-harmful agents. It usually benefits people with acne or those prone to excessive oil on their face.

This type of facial cannot be done at home expecting the same great results. Cleansing strips or other drugstore and over-the-counter "facial spa" products will only remove first layer dirt. Going to a skin clinic will do the trick especially if you are acne/oiliness prone. Besides, the aestheticians are well-trained on the step by step process and can effectively remove underlying dirt and dead skin cells which will ultimately promote new skin cells to emerge giving you a smooth, glowing skin and minimized pores.



     With the right treatment, you can keep acne under control. There are many treatment options available including creams, antibiotics or other oral anti-acne medications, facial treatments, chemical peels, intralesional injections, microdermabrasion, and laser-light treatments. In our clinic, the dermatologist can recommend a treatment plan that’s right for you.




This treatment destroys Propionibacterium acne and shrinks sebaceous glands, which decreases oil production. Side effects of this therapy include temporary redness in the treated areas.


Dermaroller Treatment is used for a process called Micro Needling or Skin Needling. It is a safe, painless and effective treatment for acne scars, stretch marks and wrinkles without damaging the skin or removing the epidermis. Microchannels formed in the process also allows better and faster absorption of collagen growth stimulating solutions applied during treatment.


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